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So you just got your hands on a shiny new pHat and you want to share it with the world, the pHat-badge was designed just to make this happen. The pHat-badge encases your pHat in 3 layers of Perspex and accepts a lanyard, ball chain, cord or a pocket clip. If your pHat needs a Raspberry Pi to function, a fourth plate is included to protect the Raspberry Pi Zero. The Smoke Gray variant's front plate acts as a diffuser, great for any pHat with LEDs, Clear and Atomic Green variants the front plate is clear. The pHat--badge has been tested with the following Pimoroni pHats: Inky, scroll , scroll HD and Unicorn.

pHat-badges are available in clear, Smoke Gray  Atomic Green. Each layer is made from 3mm Perspex, The backing was left on in the photos, so you can see the layers.

Note: Only the holder is supplied, if you require an Inky pHat or any of the other pHats please visit


Assembly instrutions

Diffuser template