pHat Badge - Assembly Instrutions

So you got your pHat badge and are wondering how to put it together! Lets get you started.

1) First of all make sure, that you have all the part as in the image below,

2) remove the protection backings from the layers, you may want to leave the one on the front plate to act as a diffuser, if you using a pHat with LEDs. layout the plates as in the next image.

3) The pHat badge is assembled starting with the top plate, working downwards as in the following images

4) Use the large screws and nuts, to hold together the plates.

5) the remaining small plate is for protecting the rear of your Raspberry Pi, use the four small screws and nuts to attract the plate as in the following image.


when joining the pHat and Raspberry Pi together take care, apply even pressure.
if your lanyard has a metal clip or using ball chain, and you are powering your Pi, cover the rear of the pins with PVC tape.

I hope the instructions are clear and helpful. 


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