Tiny 4WD robot kit

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Tiny 4WD is small but powerful robot that you build yourself. Unlike many other small robots, Tiny can be used outside on the patio, deck, playground even gravel paths/drives. The first Tiny was designed for the MagPi magazine “How to build a Pi Wars Robot” feature written by Brian Corteil.  The kit contains all you need to build the chassis including our Raspberry Pi camera face plate , great for computer vision projects plus a Pimoroni Explorer pHat to drive the four motors powering the large grippy wheels. The kit also includes a mini breadboard for adding sensors and help supply power to the motors.

The Tiny 4WD robot kit is collated by Pimoroni and uses stock parts from their great collection of maker kit.

You will need to supply a Raspberry Pi Zero W or WH. 

Build Guide

Note:   You will need to supply the Raspberry Pi Zero if not supplied, and power source. The kit can be powered with a mobile phone power bank, AA batteries, LiPo battery and voltage converter.