Pi Wars 4 - and it starts!

On Saturday, I found out that Team Coretec Robotics had been accepted for Pi Wars 4!

There are just under 200 days until the competition starts, planning starts as of, well being honest, 3 months ago. The plan, use the same chassis as last year, but this time, build a 1940's roadster for Babbage. Hopefully there will be at least one blog post a week until the competition, I plan to share my build progress, plus random posts about designing a Pi Wars robot and for my first post, my Pi Wars History.


I have been lucky to take part in the last 3 Pi Wars, and to my great surprise winning the last two! So what about the first one? I came about third from the bottom, with my Raspberry Pi 2 model A, PyroBot. I was a mess, challenges code had the motor turning in different ways between them, no easy way to change programmes / functions.

For Pi Wars 2, my plan was to build a robot that was OK, and not be the smallest robot. Revenge was born 6 wheeled monster of a robot, it's foot print the size of A3 paper. Revenge had a touch screen interface to select functions.

 Next came MAX, based on a Prototype chassis, I was a designing for Coretec, MAX is a 4 wheel design, I added pointless LED and chip tunes!

And finally

The Pi Wars team asked me for some hints and tips, and they can be found here.


Head Meat Bag


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