Why Coretec Robotics?

 Welcome to the Coretec Robotics website/store, I have been thinking about what I should be writing for this first blog post. So I thought I would share the story why I have started Coretec Robotics.

I'm a maker, I like to make things, I also like to share how fun my hobby is, one of the ways I share my hobby is attending Raspberry Pi Jams and Maker faires. I also take part in Pi Wars in a competition organized by the Cambridge Raspberry Pi team, one of the challenges is Pi Noon, where two robots face off and try to pop the balloon(s) of the other robot, before their are popped. This challenge inspired me to create a micro version and surprising called "Micro Pi Noon" while at events, I was being asked do I make/sell a kit.I also wrote a feature about robots, for the MagPi magazine, I designed 'Tiny' for the feature and the rest is history.